Culinary Connections® is a full service consulting and training company. We specialize in the evaluation, development, and implementation of cutting edge fresh prepared food products, meal solution programs, foodservice systems and take-out food businesses. With over 25 years of experience, Culinary Connections is the company with the expertise to help you meet the challenge of today's market including innovative and exciting healthy food products, programs and workshops for your customers and employees.

Innovative and Responsive to Your Goals
From concept to implementation, Culinary Connections develops new business ventures and turnkey operations that run smoothly, efficiently and effectively. We pride ourselves in our attention to detail, in all phases of a project, providing sound business advice. Because our services are tailor-made to fit each client, our strategies are innovative and responsive to your needs and the changing marketplace. Culinary Connections can help you define and achieve goals, reduce costs and optimize your profits.
Strategic Plan of Action

If your company is in the beginning stages of establishing a new product line, foodservice operation, or meal solution program, Culinary Connections will take you step-by-step through each stage of development with our fast track process. Our company will review your goals and objectives, analyze your budget and help you implement a strategic plan of action. If you are in the process of expanding or improving your food business, Culinary Connections will help you identify the most profitable food items to sell, streamline and systematize your operation, and explore innovative ways to market your brand and position your products for greater sales and profitability. And, if you are looking for new growth opportunities, Culinary Connections will help identify and execute the most profitable acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Targeted Solutions
The strength of Culinary Connections lies in our unique ability to approach each client and project individually. We understand the key issues facing the food industry and can turn areas of opportunity into success. Our client's business is our top priority. We take on a limited amount of projects per year to provide the highest standard of performance for your business operations and foodservice programs. Contact us to see how we can help your company maximize your sales growth, market share, customer transactions, customer satisfaction and profit potential with your prepared food products and programs.


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